Finding a Buyer Agent means:

Better Selection of Homes:
More Choice – a commitment to a comprehensive search for all available properties which meet your requirements.
High Tech and High Touch Agency:
Buyer Agents who have developed the technology and communication tools to enhance their client’s ability to make the right decisions without having lost the most important aspect of the client’s needs, the personal relationship.
Matching Community and Lifestyle:
You are not just buying a home but a new community and lifestyle. Working with knowledgeable agents provides their clients with a window into the entire market area. Your new home purchase should fit like a well tailored suit.
Not Your Average Agent:
Experienced agents who can identify the premier properties surrounded by exquisite natural beauty and privacy or find the architecturally unique and elegant homes integrated into our culturally rich communities.
Well Orchestrated Execution:
You need a strategy for your home purchase that includes a complete knowledge of the local real estate market, a well-written offer with good protective clauses, thorough research from all available public records and comprehensive property value study or Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
Save Money:
Buyer Agents are experienced negotiators who know that ‘everything is negotiable’ in real estate not just price. Terms, conditions, contract clauses, disclaimers, exclusions and dates can be the tipping point to negotiating the best deal for our clients. The fact that a Buyers Agent can save you money has been proven by a national study that found that buyers who are assisted by a true buyer agent paid an average of 5 percent less than those who used traditional agents.
Save Time:
Learning takes time if your only option to know an area is by visiting the area. This is expensive and inconvenient to you. With use of innovative tools, you will learn the market before you ever visit the area. We understand that you need good information ahead of time to make good decisions on time so as not to miss the best opportunity for your family.

Let the BuyerAgent site help you find a buyer agent for your next home purchase.


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Your Partner in the Heart of South Florida

Why a Buyer's Agents
  • Experts in real estate finance
  • Beat other buyers to hot properties
  • Detailed area information
  • Successfully purchase a short sale or foreclosure
  • Guidance in evaluating property

What is a real estate buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent works with the buyer in a real estate transaction. While a buyer’s agent works with a buyer, it doesn’t mean they work for the buyer. A prospective buyer has to look at what is called agency. Each state has different definitions or types of agency depending on the transaction. In Florida for example, there are three types of agency Single Agency Brokerage, Transaction Brokerage, and Non-representative. A buyer’s agent can function in any of the three.

A single agency buyer’s agent means the brokerage works in the best interest of the buyer on a particular transaction above all interests including the agents. Non-representative agency offers very little protraction or guidance other than the agent must be honest. Non-representative agency is at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to single agency. Transaction brokerage is in the middle. Transaction brokerage agency is more of a facilitator than an advisor. While it appears the obvious choice would be single agency brokerage, there are circumstances that may suggest this type of agency may not be the best for your situation. Prior to giving up confidential details, discuss with your prospective real estate agent the types of agency and assess, which type is best for you.

Why Should Be Your Buyers Agent provides powerful tools and resources both online and offline. Most real estate buyers today utilize the internet to research location and property information as their first step in purchasing a property. Online, provides advanced searching tools and compiles area information, and allows the prospective buyer to create their own specialized account to receive property information based on criteria created by the user.

The search capabilities are top notch. A buyer can search for a property a number of ways. You can search for properties based characteristics of the property such as the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and property type. You can also search for property by price range, zip code, specific street address, and the MLS number. The most powerful search tool for looking at real estate is a map search.

By using a map search you can either begin with entering some of the criteria above or you can use the draw tool to create a search based on the boundaries you draw. You can use the street map or a satellite map. The map can be zoomed in or out. As you zoom in or zoom out, the number of properties that meet your criteria appear on the upper right side of the screen. Simply mouse over one of the green houses, and a thumbnail photo will appear. Click on the thumbnail and you can see additional information on the property. One of the most useful features on the map search is the points of interest.

Buyers look at more than just price when buying a home. Buyers look for proximity for things like, schools, shopping, restaurants, etc. You can view points of interest on the maps. You can see child care services, schools, restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, gas stations, banks, entertainment, hospitals, transportation such as airports, hotels, places of worship, police, fire, libraries, post offices, and local cultural centers. By engaging the points of interest, the buyer can really get a feel of the proximity of the services available to the property selected. The map tool along with the points of interest really give today’s buyer a real feel for the immediate area all from the comfort of their computer.

Once you have narrowed down to a specific property, you can start selecting the individual properties to view more detailed information. The details of course provide more information about the property such as the year built, square footage, etc.; however, you can also get detailed report information such as demographics, schools, employment, cost of living, statistics on the housing market, and environmental information such as the weather. All of the information in these reports are compiled from a number of state, local, and federal sources to give you as detailed of a snapshot as possible for the property / neighborhood of interest.

Contained in the details of each property are mortgage calculators so you can do some quick number crunching on your own. You can quickly calculate your payment, determine your down payment and compare renting versus buying.

Now that you have spent time zeroing in on a particular area, you can save your criteria and receive automatic updates on a particular property or new properties that go on the market matching your saved criteria.

As stated above buyers agents .com also has powerful resources offline. does not list property. is an exclusive buyers agent meaning we only work with buyers. If you are in the market to purchase real estate consider hiring as your buyers agent to provide you offline real world realty services. As a client of we will begin with an initial consultation to determine your housing needs, identify any potential issues, and develop a strategy for your home purchase. We provide guidance relative to financing, negotiation, and market analysis. We have expert knowledge in buying strategies and financing. As your buyers agent, you will have access to these powerful tools to secure your next purchase. If you are buying in today’s market, you need a buyers agent. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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